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Here we offer archived sermons in mp3 format. Feel free to browse the archive,

There are several ways to browse the archive:

  • Browse the Complete Sermon List - Sermons are sorted by date in reverse order (newest at the top), to sort by a different category or order, simply click on the desired column title. For more details on a particular sermon, click on its title. To listen to the mp3, click on the filename in the mp3 column.
  • Browse by Category - When you drill down on a particular sermon, by clicking on its title, you may notice category names for that sermon. These categories appear next to the title of the sermon, as well as in breadcrumbs (navigation trails) on the top of the page. For instance if you are viewing a sermon from Pastor Rich's series on Acts, the "Acts" category name will appear. Click on the category name to see all sermons from that category. This is a great way to view entire series.
  • Search by keywords - you can search for sermons by title, preacher, scripture passage. Simply enter your search words in the search box at the top right of any page, or by clicking here.

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